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Zig Zag

Zig Zag

Product Information

The cool new sensation, that’s conquering the world in a hurry. Its fun it’s fast it’s furious, it rocks the streets! A super sleek design, with metallic paint finish, bucket seats and handbrakes the new ZigZag by Triker kicks old tricycles to the kerb! Steering is where you have all the fun! Lean left and you go left lean right and you go right. The ZigZag by Triker will have you ducking and diving in and out of turns in no time!

  • Colours available: Red and Silver
  • Weather proof strong layer of lacquer on frame.
  • Patented swing steering mechanism.
  • Shaped front wheel designed to enhance cornering.
  • Carrying weight 35kg maximum
  • Tyre pressure front 1,9bar, Rear hard plastic rubber finish.
  • Empty weight 10kg
  • Length 1M
  • Height 0,50m
  • Width 0,69 m
  • Colour Silver/Red
  • Unique steering mechanism
  • Light weight steel frame
  • Specially designed seat to enhance comfort while cycling.
  • Solid plastic ABS rear tyres with a rubber coated grip to enhance comfort and performance
  • 1 large 16”direct drive front wheel (no chain)
  • Free wheel system
  • 1 child friendly handbrake
  • Durable anti slip pedals with reflectors at both sides
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Age 4-7

Price: 109.00

Product Code: TRI005

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